a scientific research project on the Syntax of Alemannic.

Welcome to SynAlm!

SynAlm investigates the Syntax of Alemannic dialects. It aims to gather fine grained native speaker judgments on syntactic topics that promise to give important insights into the nature of linguistic variation.
SynAlm works in a modern linguistic framework. The questionnaires sent out to the informants contain systematically controlled variables for a given construction and will thus also provide negative data.

The areas covered in the investigations include:
Left periphery of embedded clauses; relative clauses; comparative/equative constructions; use and shape of determiners/quantifiers and pronouns, long wh-extraction; auxiliary doubling; infinitival syntax (verb raising, type and position of infinitival markers); negative concord; adjectival inflection, complex prepositional phrases (spatial and directional), possessive constructions.

The results of our investigations can be accessed in two ways:

  • via Datasheets in which the results are ordered according to the order of the questionnaires sent out (the original questionnaires can be found on this site too)
  • via Search in which one or more specific results can be queried with a 'faceted search'. Look first at Read Me which gives you detailed instructions on how to narrow down your search

SynAlm is sponsored by
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft University of Konstanz